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Object: chair/ table, 2010, prototype | Description: elm wood, possum fur upholstery, stainless steel hinges | Dimensions: chair: 40x42x88cm. table: 67x33.5x54cm

CLOSE XThe Gemini

When I first learned about the signs of the zodiac I realised I was sharing my life with two Gemini – my two sisters. Both with the same sign, yet two very different personalities. One sister is outgoing, loud and strong. The other is shy, quiet and calm. I wondered how two people with the same star sign could be so different. Then I realised, these are two sides of the same coin. From my childhood home and family came the inspiration for The Gemini. Two functions in the same object – a chair and a table in one. The design mixes bold, edgy, sharp structural lines with soft elegant materials. The Elm timber and sleek fur seat back not only give the object a linear, seamless styling, they also endower it with an animalistic vitality. The zebra lines of the timber and the dark brown fur conjure the animals of the African savannah. Designed for a lounge or as a cafe chair, the Gemini is a solution for confined interior spaces. It has usability and reusability. The transformation from chair to table is as simple as flipping a coin.