• Hybrid

    2015 – Dubai, UAE

    HYBRID is an installation that merges design and fashion at once. Hence the name HYBRID.
    For the launch of the new Haze&Glory collection at O concept store in Dubai, Khalid had designed a central installation that was customized to fit the different pieces of the collection, keeping in mind the different functions and usage of the installation – seating, lighting, fitting, and mirroring.
    The outcome is an installation that has all in one. Divided into 4 sections /sides, 2 were allocated for hanging cloths, another side was equipped with long mirror and light for fitting, while the fourth side was equipped with a small shelf to display accessories with fitting mirror and seating space part of the concrete base of the installation.
    HYBRID is part of the new generation of store fit-outs that combine design for fashion with commercial functions.

  • Hybrid