• Kiehl’s Ambassador

    2015 – DUBAI, UAE

    As the local brand ambassador for the internationally acclaimed skin care/cosmetic brand Kiehl’s, Khalid Shafar was commissioned to design a limited edition label for one of the brand’s best selling products as part of their support campaign for an environmental cause.
    As the label area given to design was small, Khalid wanted a design that grabed attention yet was humorous and engaging. He had the image of a horse carousel ride in mind childhood memories that always brings a smile to his face. He used one of his designs created for the French historical brand Moissonnier in 2013, a horse body commode (chest of drawers), as an image in his label design. He repeated the image circularly around the label reflecting the motion of a carousel and numbered them from 1 to 12. Accidentally, the outcome looked like a clock face with the 12 hour icons, so he used the charity line copy as the hour and minute hands. The final design showcases those two directions in one setting that is humorous, interactive, and definitely a collectible.

  • Kiehl’s Ambassador