• Numa/Beshtar

    2013 – Dubai, UAE

    On Nov 23rd 2013 during the Qouz Arts Festival, Al Serkal Avenue – Dubai’s one-stop destination for Arts launched a new community project space called the A4 pop-up space.
    Three brands joined together to present a new shopping concept experience within a design installation at this space. NUMA’s founder Malika along with BESHTAR’s founder Carole commissioned Khalid Shafar to design an installation where both brands can showcase their products in an unconventional way.
    Khalid’s approach was to create an installation that serves the display objectives of the other two brands using some of his signature design concept. THE PALM coffee table was reinterpreted using industrial metal sheets instead of the handmade woven mat tops. These were suspended from the ceiling as display surfaces adding a rustic industrial look to the polished and refined collections on display. Rough cut and unfinished surfaces were used to meld with the surroundings and the area.

  • Numa/Beshtar