• Win, Victory, & Love

    2015 – Dubai, UAE

    This second collaboration between the American Hardwood Export Council and Emirati designer, Khalid Shafar, sees the designer taking some of AHEC’s key messages to a different emotional level. Exposing two important American hardwood species, Khalid uses American cherry and soft maple to craft a memorial installation specifically designed for Downtown Design Dubai 2015.
    The installation reflects on the recent tragedy the United Arab Emirates experienced for the first time in its military history, where 45 of its brave soldiers lost their lives during their mission in Yemen. 45 crafted wooden stools, set graciously in a site-specific installation and presented in a harmonious setting, to commemorate those brave and unforgotten Emirati soldiers.
    Derived from Khalid Shafar’s well-known LITTLE PLAM stool, each wooden stool was upholstered in an original military uniform textile to inject the soul of the Emirati soldiers in to them. Inspired by the palm trees of the region, which demonstrate great resilience against the harsh weather of the area, LITTLE PLAM stool is a perfect metaphor for the brave soldiers of the UAE whose their lost lives, but will be remembered forever. Through this installation, both AHEC and Khalid Shafar want to pay homage to the fallen Emirati soldiers who devoted their lives to the UAE and also contribute to the documentation of their sacrifice, a process that is already in place by the Government.
    Taking its name from the famous three-finger salute that was introduced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in February 2013 during the Government Summit in Dubai, WIN, VICTORY, & LOVE is an innovative trademark for work ethic, success and love for the nation. A pure foundation and belief of what those soldiers lost their lives for.

  • Win, Victory, & Love