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    Object: Chandelier, 2011
    Description: Folded handmade mattress, wooden & copper foil light shades | Dimensions: S: 85cm + 4 light shades. L: 95cm + 6 light shades. Height adjustable

    Nations differ in their clothes and costumes just as they differ in their traditions and languages. Religious principles and original Arabic traditions played major roles in fashioning the costume of local Emirati. In the United Arab Emirates the making of the “Talli” is one of the traditional clothes tailoring crafts. It is a type of embroidery using gold and silver thread used to decorate the traditional dresses of Emirati women. Women sit on the floor with a small stand called a ‘Kujoojeh’ on which is a capsule shape cushion. On this they knit the Talli in different shapes and colours by crossing and weaving the threads in intricate patterns. These simple traditional tools were the inspiration of ‘T’ chandelier.
    ‘T’ is a folded traditional handmade mattress with hanging light shades in different shapes and sizes that tell the tale of a nation’s tradition – an interpretation of an old craft in a contemporary design.

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