• Octa Coffee I

    Object: Coffee table, 2013, prototype
    Description: Marble, treated metal & leather | Dimensions: 297 x 123 x 44cm

    DECOHAUS is the theme of a collection inspired by Art Deco and Bauhaus, the two international design movements that overlapped during the 20’s. All of this collection’s designs have been locally reinterpreted using traditional UAE materials (such as camel leather) and the octagon, a shape often found in Middle Eastern and Islamic design and patterns. Each piece has been named after this key shape of the octagon. Hence:

    A modular system based table that can extend to many meters and shapes to suit the desired area. The octagonal shapes are joined together by leather belts creating a single large coffee table that can be dismantled and reassembled in different shapes. The joining belts giving to the whole structure strength while creating a sleek aesthetic. The OCTA COFFEE I is inspired by the waterlily flower floating on the water’s surface, surrounded with large leaves. The colour composition of the marble and granite was selected to reflect this.

  • Octa Coffee I