• The Palm

    Object: Coffee table, 2011 | Description: Ash wood, metal base, handmade palm leaves woven mat (top)
    Dimensions: L: 70cm (base diameter) x 40cm x 100+cm (top diameter)*. M: 35cm (base diameter) x 35cm x 80+cm (top diameter)*. S: 35cm (base diameter) x 30cm x 70+cm (top diameter)* | * +5 -10cm Max

    Some of the fondest memories I have of my childhood are of the pristine desert, the endless sand dunes, camels and palm trees. It’s no surprise that I have attributed a few pieces to THE PALM. This line reflects the palm tree, from the material to the shape. THE PALM coffee table is a true example. The tabletops are handmade colourful ‘Sarrood’ mats woven from palm leaves that were used in the past to serve food on the floor and hung up afterwards to keep them flat. Ayesha Eid, a craftswoman at the Heritage Village in Dubai, created the mats for this line and shared stories from the past with me.
    This line, presented as contemporary design objects, is a tribute to Ayesha and the many Emirati craftswomen before her and their bespoke dying-craft.

  • The Palm