• Arabi Space Divider

    Object: Space Divider, 2011, Limited Edition
    Description: 81 piece of ‘Egaal’, Brass wire & hinges, wooden rods | Dimensions: 170 x 180 cm (open)

    From and of the Arabian Peninsula. A furniture piece made from a man’s fashion piece. ARABI is the outcome of an experiment where the materials of fashion and furniture design intersected at Tasmeem Doha 2011 – the International Design conference in Qatar. Conceived as a space divider ARABI is made from a traditional ‘Egaal’ – the black headband worn by men in the Arabian region.
    The Egaal has always been an important part of a man’s traditional costume in the Gulf and other parts of the Arab world. It is the pride element in his attire. ARABI is the evolution of this Egaal from fashion to furniture. It is made of 81 Egaals joined with brass wires to create three panels 180cm x 60cm. These three panels are hinged to create the folding positions of a space divider. ARABI is a bold representation of the link between both handmade and industrial making techniques, materials, and the cross-cultural elements of fashion and furniture design.
    Carwan Gallery

  • Arabi Space Divider