Object: Bench, 2013, Limited Edition
    Description: walnut frame & drawer, mixed timber fronds, hand painted metal legs, leather layers seat | Dimensions: 300 x 42 x 50cm

    This is a limited edition revisit of the FALLEN PALM bench first released late in 2012.
    For the occasion of Design Days Dubai 2013 and for my participation with Carwan Gallery, I wanted to get closer to the original inspiration of THE PALM line and revisit the materials in this new release. I used mainly walnut wood for the frame and drawer, whereas I used mixed timbers for the frond ends to authentically recreate a palm’s trunk colours and shades. For the seat I decided to explore a new local material – camel leather. I used layers of different colours, thicknesses, and textures of camel leathers. The multi shades of green and brown reflect the green Palm leaves and fronds. The seat was extended with a tail to the floor which meant the bench has only one drawer at the opposite end. The overall form is of a seat that looks like a real fallen palm tree.
    Carwan Gallery