• Illusion Pearl

    Object: Chair, 2013, Unique Edition
    Description: Walnut frame, 8856 cultured pearls chain, goat hair armrests | Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 120cm

    The city of Dubai at night was the original inspiration for ILLUSION – a dynamic line with a lot of movement created by a rope woven over timber frames.
    Dubai is called the ‘Pearl of the Gulf’ and this became the perfect inspiration for an extension of the ILLUSION line. ILLUSION PEARL re-creates one of the existing designs using a new material that introduces the new design story of ‘Pearls’. Pearling has been associated with the Arabian Gulf for decades and the ILLUSION PEARL chair is made using ‘Cultured pearls’ that are locally produced by the Emirati Company ‘RAK Pearls’. For ILLUSION PEARL 8,856 cultured pearls are used to create more than 70 meters of chain, which is then woven over a Walnut frame. This new ILLUSION precious addition celebrates the long history of the pearl in the Arabian Gulf with an edgy design approach.
    Rak Pearls | Carwan Gallery

  • Illusion Pearl