• Flame-Ingo

    Object: Candleholder, 2015, prototype
    Description: Interlock block, & painted metal | Dimensions: variables

    FLAME-INGO explores the relationship between material and form.
    Mass-produced industrial material such as pavement interlock is reinterpreted to create a functional object, such as a candleholder, that draws inspiration from the body shape of a flamingo.
    Different kinds of interlock blocks retain their original variety of shape, form, and finish to reinforce the value of such material when put in a design form. The candleholder’s components correspond to various parts of the flamingo’s body. The tall, slender shape of the candlestick, for example, makes reference to the bird’s long neck. The candle burns and melts over the interlock body, sculpting a layer of wax, which suggests the flamingo’s feathers.

  • Flame-Ingo