• The Palm

    Object: Coat stand, 2011
    Description: Pine wood, metal base and hangers | Dimensions: 35cm (base diameter) x 180cm

    In the United Arab Emirates we are surrounded by beautiful palm trees. They have either grown naturally or have been planted. There are many different breeds and qualities, some are fruit bearing and others are not. I grew up surrounded by them and watching men climb them using jute ropes to fertilize the trees for the fruiting seasons. There are many date palms around my family home and every season they bear the most delicious fruit.
    The date palm is a giving tree. It gives us shade, food and it beautifies our landscape. It is the embodiment of my zodiac sign’s (Virgo) character – a ‘giving person’. Yet ironically, the inspiration for the coat stand came not from the palm’s shade, fruit or beauty, but from seeing many objects hung over their trunks – plastic bags, clothing, towels. And so the idea of creating a coat stand using the palm’s trunk was born.
    THE PALM coat stand is designed to be flexibile. You can place the hanger reef ends wherever you wish and at whatever height you wish. You can reach and the little ones can too!

  • The Palm