• The Pattern: Wallpaper

    Object: Wallpaper, 2015
    Description: non-woven digitally printed paper | Dimensions: .53cm x 10m / per roll

    For years I have seen those souvenir frames called ‘The 7 Sands of the Emirates’ with 7 different colored sands moving inside and a label on the back relating each sand color to one of the 7 emirates. I always wondered if this was fact or a cliché! Regardless, I took this as inspiration for my pattern.
    3 years ago I transformed those 7 dull sand colors into 7 vibrant pantone colours which I adopted as my signature palette. I then chose Burj Khalifa, my favorite Architectural icon in the UAE (if not in the world), to create my signature pattern graphic. In its abstract way this pattern revisited the 60’s & 70’s, yet it is a contemporary abstract with roots and a story that run deep in my history.

  • The Pattern: Wallpaper