• ZOO

    Object: Shelving unit, 2013, prototype
    Description: metal structure, Ash wood shelves, inflatable animals | Dimensions: 172 x 25 x 172cm

    It is one of those places everyone visits in their childhood as part of a school trip. It was no different for me. With its doors opening in the 1960s, this place has welcomed thousands of visitors over the years. For some, it might not be the most pleasant place to see how other species live, but at the end it is, as everywhere in the world, an edutainment place where we learn a lot.
    It’s the Dubai Zoo that was the inspiration behind the ‘ZOO’ shelving unit. A unit where the inflatable animals play the role of the real ones in a metal structure that houses them, reflecting the cages allocated to those animals in a zoo. In ZOO the animals are arranged so that there are spaces among them that serve as shelves and compartments to display and store things. ‘ZOO’ is a self-standing unit that works as a screen or space divider with its carefully designed two faces as well as serving its primary role as a shelving unit. As a colourful and funky designed object, ‘ZOO’ adopts a humorous approach in its design while keeping practicality and functionally at its core.

  • ZOO